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I just watching business game TV program.

The show invited 2 owners of jewellery,a color lucky stoned.

This business sell believe by storytelling and fashion design. They claimed.

These  guys look enthusiastic working and well get along.

I don’t remember the keys of them business.

Contrary I was hit that one man who told the day which was decide him change his life,

From employee to entrepreneur at that moment he had only left 15 baht in pocket and got stuck.

He met a woman and became a partner and while she was unemployed and no money.

That was a good match business partner like they were.

As result they can earn money 1.5 ML  baht per a month,consistently.

A kind like Cinderella story!.

They taught me one thing.

A  man ,founder,he need change from zero to hundreds.

He must get in trouble like dead or alive and he would  do something to change.

In that moment when someone has to fight for alive you will  do everything to get this thing  and that’s what I am try to saying.

Reminds me some word “Burn a bridge”.

If you being  just fine and you might need up high but you’re not something to push as much as could  and that’s hard climb to Everest.

Find something inside to break through and bring you to succeed.

Something important to bring you like dead or alive and keep it along.

Hope you will found it.